We have worship services for all  the children while you worship in the Sanctuary during the morning service.  We
have Children’s Church for ages 2 - 3, ages 4 and 5, and then a worship service geared for children grades 1-6.  All
this is going on while you worship the Lord with us in the Sanctuary.


We have two staff Nursery Supervisors.  During every service, one of them will be on duty along with our well-trained
ladies that volunteer.  All of our nursery staff is screened and must be a member of our church for at least six months
before they are allowed to serve in this capacity.  We believe in protecting your children as you would protect them.  
We also want you to be able to worship with your mind on the message and not have to be concerned about your


This is a ministry for folks that are age 60 and up.  The “JOY” stands for “Just Older Youth.”  We meet for fellowships
and outings on a regular basis.  This is a group that knows how to have fun!

Kids Journey is a Wednesday night program for children age
3 through grade 6.  This program is designed to evangelize
children, discipling them for spiritual growth, teaching and
training them to serve Jesus Christ, and providing multiple
opportunities to do so in and through the local church. This
also allows you to attend the worship service with peace of
mind while knowing that your children are being well cared for.
Easthill Baptist Church is a well established, family oriented church reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and
helping each one in their daily walk with Him.  The ministries that we offer are for all ages.  Whether for your child who may
be newborn, Grandma and Grandpa or anyone in between, there is a place for everyone.  Below is a brief list and
explanation of what you will find when you come to Easthill Baptist Church

Our youth have regularly scheduled
activities all throughout the year.
Our youth classes, activities,
conferences, and camp times are
all centered on the Word of God.
Your children will build relationships
that will last a lifetime.  Click
the Alive logo to visit our student
website, just for teens!

We also have
Teen Church on
Wednesday nights every week during
the school year.

Our Sunday School ministry starts with the bed babies and goes through Adults.  We have classes for beginners (ages 3, 4, &
5), Primaries (grades 1-3), Juniors (grades 4-6), Youth (grades 7-12), College and Career, Couples classes, and other Adult
classes.  Our Sunday School time is Sunday morning at 9:15 am each week.