Benefits to online giving:

You can prioritize giving in your
 The Bible tells us that giving
is to be a first and not a last or
left-over matter in our lives. It is easy
to let our standards and intentions be
compromised by the press of expenses
and billing cycles.  Online, your giving
can be done automatically.

You can increase your faithfulness.
You don't have to worry about
forgetting to bring your gift or getting it
in on time.  You can make your online
contribution from any computer
whether you are at home or away on

You can help your church.  Through
online giving, you expedite your gift,
simplify our accounting and strengthen

Users of online giving are responsible for setting up an controlling their online
giving options.  They can designate where their giving goes (General Fund,
Building Fund, Faith Promise Missions, etc.)  and the frequency with which they
give.  Online giving is secure and tax deductible. Online giving allows you to

set up your giving using an automatic withdrawal from your bank account or an

automatic payment with your credit card.  

You are free to give via the weekly offering in the Worship Service, by mailing
your contribution to the office, or through our website.  If you choose to give
online, your contribution will be handled through SecureGive and posted to your
name in our regular church management software.

How To Give Online

Whether you are a regular contributor or a one-time guest contributor, you must
create an account and sign in.  This process is very easy and quick. You will
create your own private password.

Once you've created your account, you may give with your debit card or your
credit card. You may choose to save your card information for repeated use or
re-enter it each time.  We accept all major cards.  We are not able to take
checks online at this time.

With your online giving, you can give any time, 24/7.  You can give an

individual one-time gift or you can give weekly, monthly, or however you

like. If you choose to, you may set up a recurring contribution for a specific

amount weekly, biweekly on any day of the week, monthly or on a specific

day each month.  

If you are familiar with our giving process at Easthill, you will recognize the

giving categories you may contribute to:

General Fund - Your tithe and love offering
Building Fund - Our church mortgage
Faith Promise Missions - Our Mission Program
Debt Reduction - Extra principle payments to our mortgage
Other -  This category is where you can designate your offering to categories
that are not listed.  You will see a place to write a MESSAGE.  You should write
what your contribution is designated to and how much it is in the message area.

From time to time, we will add special giving opportunities.